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CMSA Update 05-May-2017: Referees and Game sheets

Updated: May 5, 2017

Hello Coaches, Managers & Member Clubs,

This outdoor season CMSA implemented a new system for assigning referees and is continuing to educate these officials on how the new system works. We appreciate your understanding as we work through the new process.

If you played a game and did not have a referee, please submit a copy of your gamesheet to the CMSA office so we can ensure we have accurate records from your game. Game sheets may be sent by email to Please note on the gamesheet that there was no referee at this game.

As a reminder, all game sheets submitted to CMSA must:

  • List the team’s field marshal
  • Have ineligible players, ineligible coaches and players not participating in the game crossed off
  • Include a signature from the coach of each team
  • Include a score

Please contact the CMSA office should you have any additional questions or concerns.

Thank you and have a great weekend,

Calgary Minor Soccer Association
tel:(403) 279-8686 |


Updated: March 9, 2017

Referee Courses, for new Referees and Refresher Courses - click here.

Becoming a Referee - click here.

The feedback we have from youth players and adults is that these are very good courses and you learn quite a bit. You are expected to attend entire courses (and complete the final test). There is a cost for the courses of $125/150.

Specify during registration that you are interested in becoming a referee. Or email CNS will in turn pass your name on to CMSA. CMSA will now be scheduling the referees.

Game Sheets

Updated: April 9, 2015

  1. Winning team keeps one signed copy of the gamesheets (signed by ref and coach). Second copy can go into the mailbox at DCA.
  2. Referee keeps one copy of gamesheets from both teams. These are returned to CNS at the end of May (or June) for payment.

This will total to 6 gamesheets - 3 from each coach. The referee will need to sign all gamesheets since these are individual pieces of paper.

General Info

Most of our referees are Dalhousie/Varsity/Edgemont/Scenic Acres residents. Please treat the referees with respect at all times and set a good example for the players on your team and for Northside Soccer.

The Referee is in charge of the game. They can stop (or end) the game if a coach or spectator is being disruptive or abusive. You are responsible for the conduct of not only your team but your fans, on the field.

Team Contact Person (Manager)

Updated: March 9, 2017

If a referee fails to show up call the Scheduler or Referee Coordinator to try to get another on short notice. If this is unsuccessful ask whether there is a parent who can referee or have a coach referee the game or each coach referee half the game. Games proceed in the absence of a referee.

Poor Weather

If you are canceling your game due to poor weather the team contact person must be sure to cancel the referee.  If they are not cancelled by phone and show up at the field we are obligated to pay them.  Assuming the game is rescheduled we then have to pay another referee for the rescheduled game. It eats into our budget to have to pay for referees who are not cancelled.

Once the referee is at the field it becomes the referee’s decision as to whether the game will proceed in poor weather.  They will assess field and weather conditions. If the ref cancels and you decide to play anyway, then the ref will not be involved in the game.

No Cards – No Play

Updated: March 9, 2017

The word from CMSA is that this year there will be no grace period for players without ID cards. Referees will ask for all cards before the start of the game.  If one team does not have their cards within 5 minutes of the official game start then the referee will not ref the game. If a player (or coach) receives a red card, the referee keeps the player’s cards and submits it to CMSA with the games sheets and game report.

Age Specific Info

U10 Please don’t ask the Referee to change the five minute substitution rule; this is a CMSA rule, the referees are there to enforce the Rules of The Game.

There are no cards given out in U10. A referee may ask a coach to substitute off a player immediately who is playing dangerously or being unruly.  Please comply and speak with your player about proper game conduct; this is a learning league.

U10/U12 We have some new referees. If they need help filling out the Game Sheet on their first game, please comply. The coach from each team should identify a linesman (parent) at the game. The referee is in charge.

U14 and U16 Competitive B - In addition to the referee, if available you will have two Assistant Referees for all home games.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding referees contact CMSA's Referee Coordinator for your age group. We appreciate the support you give to our referees and hope that many of them will continue to be involved in soccer.