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Northside Soccer is run by volunteers, and therefore as a minimum, each family group is asked to support the soccer program by volunteering for one position each soccer season. If all parents participate, the soccer program will continue to operate smoothly and efficiently. Most of the volunteer positions require only a small time commitment. Coaching and team manager positions are the most important positions to be filled, and require about 2 to 3 hours per week. We especially need more women to help coach our girl's teams. There are numerous tasks to be done to support each team which, although necessary, are NOT considered as Volunteer positions; such as phoning, snacks, bench mom, installing nets etc.

There are always a number of important and vacant committee positions to be filled for the upcoming season. A technical knowledge of soccer is not necessary for any of these positions. If you would be interested in being an Age Group Coordinator or any of the other positions available on our Committee web page. Please send us an email for more information.

If you are actively involved in the Dalhousie or Varsity Community associations, these positions may also meet Northside volunteer requirements. Please send us an email for more information.

Volunteer Requirements

Northside Volunteer Deposit of $125.00 is required for each family. If you are paying by cheque, please make payable to Northside Soccer and postdate according to the date requested at registration. Volunteer deposits will only be cashed (or charged - if you paid online) if you do not volunteer or do not fulfill your volunteer obligations.

Please note:

  • When helping out with your child's team, only coaches and managers are considered Northside volunteer positions. All parents are expected to help out their children's teams by bringing refreshments, car-pooling, phoning, managing side lines, organizing social events , bench mom/dad, field marshal, etc..
  • Do not wait to be contacted for helping out, contact the coordinator for your volunteer position.
  • If you cannot meet your volunteer commitments, it is your responsibility to find a replacement for the times you are needed.

Any family choosing NOT to volunteer should submit a cheque payable immediately (not post dated) in the amount of $125.00 and it will be cashed in lieu of your volunteer commitment.
Please remember that Northside Soccer is run entirely by volunteers. Your contribution is needed to help keep our program running smoothly for everyone. The more people that actively contribute, the less time will be needed for volunteering and the better our program will be.

Volunteer Positions

The following is a comprehensive list of volunteer positions in Northside Soccer. During each registration period, a specific list is available for that season (excluding positions already filled).

Roles Description Season
Age Group Coordinator Manage a specific Age Group throughout the current season and prepare for the following season (Indoor and Outdoor) Both
Budget Coordinator Prepare and update budgets (indoor and outdoor) throughout the year and prepare fee schedule. Both
Chairperson Oversees the soccer program assisting with other volunteer roles, active participation on evaluations, liaison between parents, players, CMSA, etc. Both
Club Merchandise Coordinator Administer the ordering and delivery of all club merchandise Both
Club Phone-Out Assist club with telephone fan out Both
COACH Coach a Northside Soccer team. Please indicate your age group preference, as well as head coach or assistant coach. Both
Coach - Dalhousie House League Volunteer to coach players participating in the Dalhousie soccer House League program Outdoor
Coach - Varsity Tykes Volunteer to coach players participating in the Varsity Tykes soccer program Outdoor
Coaches Rep. Represent the coaches on the soccer committee and organize/distribute relevant information Both
Data Input Enters data into database the day after in-person registration (internet access required) Both
Database Administrator Manage the data in the club database (this does not require technical knowledge of programming) Both
Equipment Coordinator Manage and distribute equipment to teams at the beginning of the season and collect at the end Both
Equipment Volunteers Assist the Equipment Coordinator by organizing and sorting all equipment as required. Both
Evaluation Assistant Assist the evaluators and age group coordinator for evaluations. (soccer knowledge is not required - this is a support role only, not an Evaluator) Both
Evaluations Coordinator Coordinate all evaluations in conjunction with the age group coordinators Both
Field Maintenance Ensures community fields are prepared at the season start and communicate any needed maintenance during the season to the City of Calgary Outdoor
Field Scheduler Coordinate all field scheduling. Outdoor
Fitness Coordinator Act as liaison between coaches/team managers and fitness facility for team training Both
Junior Coach-Dalhousie Soccer U14 and older PLAYERS are able to coach in a mentorship program with Dalhousie Soccer House League Outdoor
Junior Coach-Varsity Tykes U14 and older PLAYERS are able to coach in a mentorship program with Varsity Tykes Outdoor
Parent Rep. Represent parents on the soccer committee. Both
Photo Coordinator Organize team photos for entire club Outdoor
Police Info Check Coordinator Coordinates and ensures team officials acquire Police Info Checks (PICs) Both
Practice Facility Coordinator Coordinate all practice gym scheduling. Indoor
Practice Facility Scheduler Assist the Practice Facility Coordinator scheduling for all teams in an age group Indoor
Referee Coordinator Coordinate all referee issues including courses, payments and oversee scheduling Outdoor
Referee Scheduler Schedule referees for home games for specific age groups Outdoor
Registrar Sets up registration, processes registrations, acts as liaison with DCA, works in conjunction with Chairperson and database administrator Both
Registrar Assistant Assist registrar at registration and processing registrations as required Both
Registration Volunteer - DCA Assist with Northside In-Person registration at Dalhousie Community Centre. Both
Registration Volunteer - VCA Assist with Northside In-Person registration at Varsity Community Centre. Both
Secretary Records and distributes soccer committee meeting minutes Both
Special Events Plan and organize special events. Both
Team Manager Assist coach with team communication, organization and parent delegation Both
Team Manager Rep. Represent the team managers on the soccer committee and organize and distribute relevant information. Both
Technical Coordinator Coordinate the technical skill sessions, coach training, goalie training and player training. Both
Uniform Coordinator Manage and distribute all uniforms. Both
Uniform Volunteers Assist the Uniform Coordinator in organizing and sorting uniforms at the beginning and end of the season Both
Uniform Volunteers - START Organize and distribute all uniforms preseason Both
Vice Chair Person Supports and assists Chair Person Both
Volunteer Coordinator Manage the pool of volunteers and assign individuals to roles as required. Both
Webmaster Administer the Northside web site Both