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With regards to the COVID-19 pandemic, Calgary Northside Soccer will follow the guidelines set out by the governing bodies of soccer.  Stay tuned... 

From the soccer governing bodies, "...CMSA would like to provide the following reminder with regard to the new restrictions and guidelines for team sports that were introduced yesterday.

Alberta Health Services and Alberta Soccer Association has suspended all soccer activity in Alberta from November 13th – November 27th.

At this time all indoor and outdoor soccer activities are suspended under these guidelines. Teams and clubs should not be running any indoor or outdoor practices/training this weekend or for the next 2 weeks.

We will provide more information to you as it becomes available.

Please see the updated public health measures and guidelines from AHS & ASA for more information.

Thank you, CMSA..."

With regards to the COVID-19 pandemic, Calgary Northside Soccer will follow the guidelines set out by the governing bodies of soccer.  CNS will be participating in the training relaunch program as outlined by CMSA.

Good afternoon,

The CNS Relaunch program will start July 6th.  We are waiting for our IT to update and open registration for this program.  Link to Relaunch program.

Stay safe and healthy, CNS/PASS Administration

P.S. For further details see email from CMSA:

Good evening Club Presidents, Technical Directors and Administrators,

Wow, what a ride the last three months have been! With the return of soccer around the corner, Calgary Minor Soccer Association (CMSA) wants to thank you for your continued patience, resilience and adaptability since the world pandemic that is COVID-19, impacted the soccer community in March. It has been a long road full of uncertainty and CMSA is proud of the way our Calgarian soccer community has handled it.

To reiterate last night’s Alberta Soccer Call:

Phase 1 – Return to Train, implemented on or after June 12, 2020. Teams may return to the field IF:
Clubs have completed Canada Soccer’s Risk Assessment Tool and have received approval from Canada Soccer and Alberta Soccer.
Teams have been registered with CMSA in Goalline.
Players have been uploaded onto teams in Goalline.
Player waivers and declaration have been signed with parental/guardian consent and returned to CMSA. Any player who has not completed these documents will NOT be allowed on the field. Documents include:
CMSA Player Waiver and Proof of Age;
Alberta Soccer COVID-19 Waiver;
Alberta Soccer COVID-19 Declaration;

Phase 2 – Return to Modified Games, implemented on or after June 19, 2020. Currently, we are waiting on documentation from Alberta Soccer, but teams may begin to train in cohorts of 50 people. CMSA will have more information on cohort training and the process to register cohorts next week.

Phase 3 – Return to Soccer, date to be determined.
For more information on Alberta Soccer’s Return to Soccer Guidelines, visit

As was said on the call last night, we are hurrying up to slow down. We have one chance to return to the field safely and we must walk before we can run. CMSA will continue to communicate plans going forward into Phase 2 and 3 of Alberta Soccer’s guidelines.

If you have any questions, please connect with me.

Regards, CMSA

With regards to the COVID-19 pandemic, Calgary Northside Soccer will follow the guidelines set out by the governing bodies of soccer.  CNS will be participating in the training relaunch program as outlined by CMSA.  Stay tuned...

Good evening Club Presidents, Technical Directors and Club Administrators,

The positive news from this afternoon’s Government of Alberta (GOA) update on Stage 2 of the Relaunch Strategy continues to bring us one step closer to the complete return of soccer, as the government announced the easing of restrictions on sport and recreation. This news has created an excitement in the sports community and Calgary Minor Soccer Association is elated at GOA’s decision to place sports  in Stage 2 of the Relaunch Strategy. See the attached document for more information on Stage 2’s Return to Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation Guidelines, or visit

This news is incredibly positive and encouraging for soccer as it allows larger groups to convene and for competition to resume. As we continue to digest this information and communicate with Alberta Soccer Association (ASA), we will provide you with updates on the resumption of competition activity. As previously discussed with you, CMSA has a quickstart program ready to implement and we will connect with the Technical Directors on this in the coming days.

A few additional reminders:

  • ASA Return-to-Soccer call on June 10 - Required for the technical and administrative lead of each organization.
  • Please continue to connect with Cory regarding the placement of your teams and the registration of players.
  • Parents must complete the waiver and declaration for their children before they can return to the field. The waiver and declaration will be provided by CMSA and it must be completed by parents via CMSA’s Goalline system.

We look forward to connecting with you tomorrow evening during the ASA Return-to-Soccer call.

Regards,  CMSA


Hope everyone is well.  The last batch of refunds for the recreational program was completed June 1, 2020 and and June 6, 2020 for the competitive program.  Refunds were processed against the credit card that the original payment was made against. The refund should show up on your statement or transaction history in the next couple of weeks.

Without any paid administration or employees, CNS was able to process a full refund. THANK YOU all for your patience while refunds were processed by our volunteers.

Stay safe and healthy, CNS/PASS Administration

With regards to the COVID-19 pandemic, Calgary Northside Soccer will follow the guidelines set out by the governing bodies of soccer.  City of Calgary has banned all public events until August 31.   Refunds will be issued and CNS would like to Thank You in advance for your patience as we work through processing the refunds.

Good morning Club Presidents, Technical Directors and Administration,

First, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to take part in the President’s Meeting with City Councillor, George Chahal.

These are unprecedented times and Calgary Minor Soccer Association (CMSA) wishes to commend you for your efforts to transition your programs into online sessions and for delivering services for the soccer community to stay engaged in a safe environment. We are all anxious to get back on the field and playing soccer again, but the safety of our players and soccer community is of the utmost importance and CMSA has chosen to continue the suspension of the 2020 Outdoor Soccer Season, indefinitely.

The response comes after taking into consideration:

  • Safety of the players and soccer community;
  • City of Calgary’s decision to ban all public events until Aug. 31;
  • Conversations with Alberta Soccer Association;
  • Government of Alberta’s Relaunch Strategy;
  • President’s Meeting with City Councilor, George Chahal.

The suspension includes, but is not limited to, any in-person soccer activity (games, practices, academies, sports sciences, fitness, etc.) until further notice.

CMSA will be sending out this information to our membership today and we expect that it will trigger a response from parents seeking refunds. In efforts to prepare the Member Clubs for an influx of questions regarding refunds and information about the season, CMSA has had conversations with clubs leading up to this communication. When discussing refunds with parents, we want to encourage each club to be respectful to the current economic landscape and each family’s needs during this time.

Being one of Calgary’s largest youth sports organizations, the absence of soccer will be felt across the city and is sure to garner media attention. If a Member Club is approached by the media, CMSA would like to extend the services of our Communications and Marketing Manager, Kara Spady, should anyone want to discuss key messages or feel uncomfortable talking to the media.

As we head into the summer months there will be a void where soccer should be. The crisis’ Calgary are currently facing, and the feeling of uncertainty associated with this is not lost on any of us. It is our collective duty to ensure soccer remains a viable sport and create movements for athletes to not only “play” again but to also help players stay engaged in the sport of soccer during this time.

For your convenience, we have attached a document that includes three key messages that may be used at your disposal that are important for your membership to know. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact CMSA Executive Director, Susan Cress or visit for more information on CMSA’s response to COVID-19.

Thank you,  CMSA

With regards to the COVID-19 pandemic, Calgary Northside Soccer will follow the guidelines set out by the governing bodies of soccer.

Good afternoon parents and players,

Hope you well. With Alberta's relaunch strategy, some outdoor recreation activities will be opening as early as May 14th. The governing bodies of soccer have a meeting with the City of Calgary tomorrow, May 5th.

CNS/PASS will be receiving a status update by the end of this week. Once this information has been relayed, the club will send an email and/or post on the website whether the season will be postponed or cancelled.

Stay safe and healthy, CNS / PASS Administration

With regards to the COVID-19 pandemic, Calgary Northside Soccer will follow the guidelines set out by the governing bodies of soccer.

Good afternoon parents and players,
Please know that my team and I think about our soccer community every day and hope you are all healthy during this unprecedented time.

We’ve fielded many questions over the state of the upcoming soccer season. I want to assure you that CMSA is in conversations every day with officials - the City, health experts, soccer governing bodies – as well as our clubs, to ensure we make decisions that are – above all else – safe for all. The COVID-19 situation is evolving daily and it is hard to make a go-forward plan amid constant change. We want nothing more than to have a firm plan in place, but at this time this is not possible, given the fluidity of the pandemic and its impact on Calgary and surrounding area.

What we know for sure is:

  • CMSA follows guidance provided by City of Calgary, Alberta Health Services, Alberta Soccer and Canada Soccer;
  • The outdoor season will look different;
  • CMSA staff are ready to action an adapted season the minute we get the all-clear to do so;
  • All decisions are made with players’ needs as the priority;
  • Exercise is important for youth (and all people) to maintain physical and mental well-being, especially at a time of global change and stress, and we are aware of this.

We have a number of contingency plans prepared, but we will not be able to land on a go-forward plan until we have clearance from regulatory bodies to do so. Our contingency planning includes possibilities of a:

  • Delayed outdoor season start date with league play that could include condensed league play and/or extending the length of the season;
  • Season focused on tournaments, jamborees and festivals as opposed to league play;
  • Combination of the above.

Several Member Clubs have developed “train at home” programs to keep players active. There are a number of other resources available for players, coaches and referees to stay engaged in soccer, including:

CMSA is deeply committed to ensuring players have a chance to play, coaches have an opportunity to coach and parents and loved ones have an opportunity to cheer. Sport is essential to Calgary and everyone is eager to be outside and moving. We know that the continuation of the soccer season after restrictions are eased, will be essential to establishing a sense of normalcy and excitement in our lives once again.

Please continue to be in touch with your clubs as they will need your children registered and your volunteer support as soon as we are ready to go. As our plans evolve, CMSA will provide updates via the COVID-19 section of our website:

Know that all of us at CMSA are thinking of our soccer families. Stay healthy and safe.

Thank you, CMSA