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Field / Facility Locations


Outdoor Fields

S1EDG17 Edgemont Big Pit (practices)
S1EDG20 Edgemont Small Pit (practices)

151 Edgeridge View, NW T3A 5Z2
Google Map
Parking off Edgebrook Blvd. The Big Pit is to the south west, the Small Pit is to the north east nearest Shaganappi.

S1EDG09 - Edgebrook Rise (U8 practices)

92 Edgebrook Rise, NW, T3A 5J5
Google Map
Access via Edgebrook Drive. Not accessible from Shaganappi Trail.

S1EDG11 - Mother Mary Greene Elementary School (Practices)

115 Edenwold Drive, NW, T3A 3S8
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Hamptons Fields (Hamptons School)

10330 Hamptons Boulevard N.W.
Google Map
S1HAM07 - East field (Rec program, practices)
S1HAM14 - Central field (Practices)
S1HAM17 - West field (U14-U18 Games)

S1HAM01 - Hamptons Co-op (U10 Games, practices)

1000 Hamptons Drive, NW, T3A 3S8
Google Map
Field is located northeast of CO-OP, down the hill. Park at CO-OP please.

Dalhousie Fields

S1DAL08 West Dalhousie Elementary School

6502 - 58 Street NW
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From 53rd street NW, turn west on Dalhousie Drive. The school is visible from Dalhousie Drive at 66th Ave.

S1DAL17 Dalhousie Elementary School
EAST DAL (U10 games)
DALLYN NW (U8 games)

4440 Dallyn St. NW
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Please do not park in the alleys.
EAST DAL - from Dalhousie Dr., between 53rd St. and Shaganappi Trail, turn north onto Dalgetty Dr. The field is located on the north side of the school yard, parallel to the alley at Dalgetty Dr. NW
DALLYN NW - can park in school parking lot off Dallyn St., field is behind playground in the northwest corner of the schoolyard.

Dalhousie Community Association Fields

5432 Dalhart Road NW
Google Map or Static Map
From 53rd street NW, turn west on Dalhart Rd and turn into the parking lot before H.D. Cartwright Jr. High
S1DAL01 DCA LOWER (Rec Programs / U14-U18 Games) - located east and below the parking lot and community centre.
S1DAL05 DCA UPPER (Rec Programs /Practices) - located at Dalhousie Dr. and Dalhart Rd. and is North and above H.D. Cartwright Jr. High

S6DAL20 St. Dominic (U10 games / practices)

4820 Dalhart Road NW
Google Map
Plenty of parking on east side of Dalhurst Way; CNS field is the one closest to the ball diamond.

Varsity Fields

SS5VAR20, S5VAR18 F.E. Osborne Junior High School

5315 Varsity Dr. NW, T3A 1A7
Google Map

Varsity Estates

Google Map or Static Map
Exit Crowchild at 53rd St NW Exit, go south to 3 Way Stop, turn left on 53rd St, then quick right turn at Varsity Estate Road. You will see the North field immediately; continue to Varsity Estates Rise for South field.
S1VAR07 VE SOUTH (U14-U18 Games)- Opposite 1141 Varsity Estates Rise NW
S1VAR05 VE NORTH (PASS) - Opposite 1257 Varsity Estates Road NW

Indoor Facilities
Soccer Centres

Calgary Soccer Centre


7000 - 48 Street SE CSC website
Google Map or Static Map
East (E), West (W), North (N), South (S),
Alpha (A), Beta (B), Charlie (C),
Mini 1 (U6 field), Mini 2 (U6 field)

Calgary West Soccer Center


CWSC website 11014 Bearspaw Dam Road NW
Google Map or Static Map
Calgary West 1 (CW1), Calgary West 2 (CW2),
Calgary West 3 (CW3)
CW3 divided in half for U6/U8
Calgary West 3 East (CW3E) is a U6/U8 Field,
and Calgary West 3 West (CW3W) is a U6/U8 Field

Eastside Training Centre

East TC

Easide website 401 - 33 St. NE
Google Map or Static Map
E1 - U8 field, E3 - U8 Field

The Genesis Centre of Community Wellness

Genesis website 7555 Falconridge Blvd. NE, Calgary, Alberta T3J 0C9
Google Map

Cochrane - SLSFSC


SLSFSC website
800 Griffin Road East Cochrane, AB T4C2B8
Google Map

Practice Gyms

ABBA Absolute Sports Centre(formerly Vipers Indoor Field Facility)

2255 Crowchild Trail NW
Google Map or Static Map (PDF)

Arbour Lake Middle School

27 Arbour Crest Dr N.W.
Google Map

Bearspaw Lifestyle Centre

253220 Bearspaw Road, Calgary, AB T3L 2P5
Google Map Enter on the North Side of the building.

Beddington Heights School

95 Bermuda Road NW
Google Map

Bowness High School - auxiliary gym

4627 77 Street Northwest
Google Map

Brentwood Elementary School

1231 Northmount DR NW
Google Map
Across from St. Luke.

Bow Valley Christian Church

5300 53 Avenue N.W.
Google Map
Gym has separate entrance at south, lower side of Church.

Citadel Park School

808 Citadel Drive N.W.
Google Map

Collingwood Elementary School

3826 Collingwood Drive N.W.
Google Map

Dalhousie Elementary School

4440 Dallyn Street N.W.
Google Map or Static Map

Dr. J.K. Mulloy School

7440 10 St NW
Google Map

Ecole la Rose Sauvage School

2512 4 St NW
Google Map

Edgemont Community Centre (ECA)

33 Edgevalley Circle NW, Calgary AB T3A 4X1
Google Map

HD Cartwright Jr. High School

5500 Dalhart Rd. N.W.
Google Map or Static Map

Hounsfield Heights Briar Hill Community Centre (HH-BH)

1928 14th Avenue N.W.
Google Map or PDF Map
Gym location is Directly behind - north- of the Louise Riley Library which is at 1904 14th Ave. N.W. The parking lot is on the west side of Louise Riley Library beside the LRT tracks. Use of the Northill Mall or Safeway parking lot could result in a ticket. In the unlikely event the gym is locked when you arrive please call 403-775-7104 which will enable you to reach one of the volunteer directors (do not leave any messages when calling this number; instead, please keep calling until you reach someone.)

King George Elementary School

2108 10 Street Northwest, Calgary, AB
Google Map

Marion Carson Elementary School

5225 Varsity Drive N.W.
Google Map or Static Map

Mother Mary Greene

2115 Edenwold Drive Northwest
Google Map

Panorama Hills School

1057 Panorama Hills Dr NW
Google Map

Queen Elizabeth High School - auxiliary gym

512 18 St NW
Google Map

Ranchlands School

610 Ranchlands Boulevard N.W.
Google Map

Robert Thirsk High School - Main Gym

8777 Nose Hill Drive N.W.
Google Map

Senator Patrick Burns

2155 Chilcotin Road Northwest, Calgary, AB
Google Map

Simon Fraser Jr. High School

5215 33rd Street N.W.
Google Map

Sir Winston Churchill High School - Main Gym

5220 Northland Drive NW
Google Map

St. Basil

919 Tuscany Drive NW, Calgary, AB T3L 2T5
Google Map

St. Brigid Elem/Junior High School

730 Citadel Way NW
Google Map

St. Dominic Elementary School

4820 Dalhart Road N.W.
Google Map

St. Francis High School - auxiliary gym (Orange)

877 Northmount Dr NW
Google Map

St. Jean Brebeuf Junior High School

5030 Northland Drive Northwest
Google Map

St. Joseph

2512 - 5 Street NW, Calgary AB T2M 3C7
Google Map

St. Luke Elementary School

1232 Northmount Drive N.W.
Google Map

St. Margaret Elementary School

3320 Carol Dr N.W.
Google Map

St. Vincent de Paul Elem/Jr. High School

4525 49th Street N.W.
Google Map or Static Map
Separate gym entrance on south side of school.

Tom Baines School

250 Edgepark Blvd N.W.
Google Map

Tuscany School

990 Tuscany Dr N.W.
Google Map

Twelve Mile Coulee School

15 Tuscany Hills Road N.W.
Google Map

University School

3035 Utah Dr N.W.
Google Map

Varsity Acres Elementary School

4255 40 Street N.W.
Google Map

VECOVA (formerly VRRI)

3304 - 33rd Street N.W.
Google Map

West Dalhousie Elementary School

6502 58 St N.W.
Google Map

W.O Mitchell School - Main Gym

511 Silvergrove Dr NW
Google Map

General Fields and Facilities Information
Outdoor Field Details

CMSA U10, U12, and U14 Teams

Home Fields are all located within the boundaries of the communities of Dalhousie and Varsity. Contact your coach or Team Manager for the locations of away games and practice fields.

CNS Field Status

CMSA U16 and U18 Teams

Game Fields are all located on CMSA Fields and City Athletic Fields. CMSA may assign some Northside home games on the Dalhousie Community - DCA LOWER.
Contact your coach or Team Manager for the locations of practice fields. For location of all the CMSA Fields and City Athletic Fields go to City Fields Locations.

For an excellent Google Map Collection of CMSA fields Click Here.

Rain Out

Outdoor Field Closure and Rain Out Information

Click here for CMSA field closure info (phone numbers on this page over-rule website link below.

City of Calgary Field Status

Click here for Northside field closure info.

Coaches can decide before GOING to the field whether they want to reschedule a game due to bad weather. If you do decide to postpone a game before game time, please make sure you let the referee know too.

Once the teams are at the field, only the referee has the authority to suspend or abandon the match due to bad weather, NOT the teams.