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Fields Locations


S1EDG17 Edgemont Big Pit (practices)
S1EDG20 Edgemont Small Pit (practices)

151 Edgeridge View, NW T3A 5Z2

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Parking off Edgebrook Blvd. The Big Pit is to the south west, the Small Pit is to the north east nearest Shaganappi.

S1EDG09 - Edgebrook Rise (U8 practices)

92 Edgebrook Rise, NW, T3A 5J5

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Access via Edgebrook Drive. Not accessible from Shaganappi Trail.

S1EDG11 - Mother Mary Greene Elementary School (Practices)

115 Edenwold Drive, NW, T3A 3S8

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Hamptons Fields (Hamptons School)

10330 Hamptons Boulevard N.W.

S1HAM07 - East field (Rec program, practices)
S1HAM14 - Central field (Practices)
S1HAM17 - West field (U14-U18 Games)

S1HAM01 - Hamptons Co-op (U10 Games, practices)

1000 Hamptons Drive, NW, T3A 3S8

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Field is located northeast of CO-OP, down the hill. Park at CO-OP please.

Dalhousie Fields

S1DAL08 West Dalhousie Elementary School

6502 - 58 Street NW

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From 53rd street NW, turn west on Dalhousie Drive. The school is visible from Dalhousie Drive at 66th Ave.

S1DAL17 Dalhousie Elementary School
EAST DAL (U10 games)
DALLYN NW (U8 games)

4440 Dallyn St. NW

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Please do not park in the alleys.
EAST DAL - from Dalhousie Dr., between 53rd St. and Shaganappi Trail, turn north onto Dalgetty Dr. The field is located on the north side of the school yard, parallel to the alley at Dalgetty Dr. NW
DALLYN NW - can park in school parking lot off Dallyn St., field is behind playground in the northwest corner of the schoolyard.

Dalhousie Community Association Fields

5432 Dalhart Road NW

Google Map

From 53rd street NW, turn west on Dalhart Rd and turn into the parking lot before H.D. Cartwright Jr. High
S1DAL01 DCA LOWER (Rec Programs / U14-U18 Games) - located east and below the parking lot and community centre.
X1DAL05 DCA UPPER (Rec Programs /Practices) - located at Dalhousie Dr. and Dalhart Rd. and is North and above H.D. Cartwright Jr. High

S6DAL20 St. Dominic (U10 games / practices)

4820 Dalhart Road NW

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Plenty of parking on east side of Dalhurst Way; CNS field is the one closest to the
ball diamond.

Varsity Fields

SS5VAR20, S5VAR18 F.E. Osborne Junior High School

5315 Varsity Dr. NW, T3A 1A7

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Varsity Estates

Google Map

Exit Crowchild at 53rd St NW Exit, go south to 3 Way Stop, turn left
on 53rd St, then quick right turn at Varsity Estate Road. You will
see the North field immediately;
continue to Varsity Estates Rise for South field.

S1VAR07 VE SOUTH (U14-U18 Games)- Opposite 1141 Varsity Estates Rise NW
S1VAR05 VE NORTH (PASS) - Opposite 1257 Varsity Estates Road NW