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Team Officials looking for Away Game Fields

There are two ways to contact the Team you are playing:

1. CMSA has provided all of the Contacts for Teams in your division.
This information is accessible via CMSA Score Keeping
in CMSA's goalline system. Use the link available on the home page of the Northside web
site to access this information, or via CMSA's web site.

2. Northside also provides a web page from which an email can be sent to
the Head Coach of each team. Go to the Teams & Schedules web page to access this function.

Please note: Northside Soccer does not provide
a Home Field for each team. In order to optimize the usage of all the fields,
Northside assigns fields for games and practices according to the
schedules. Therefore, opposition teams needing to determine a game
field for a Northside HOME GAME must contact the Team Officials.