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Game Field Status

Field Name Field ID Status yyyy/mm/dd
Dalhousie Elementary School
U8 Dallyn NW
U10 East Dal
S1DAL17 OPEN 2018/06/24

8:43 AM

St. Dominic Elementary
S6DAL20 OPEN 2018/06/24

8:43 AM

Varsity Estates South
U13-U19 VES
OPEN 2018/06/24

8:43 AM

West Dalhousie Elementary School
U12 West Dal
S1DAL08 OPEN 2018/06/24

8:43 AM

Dalhousie Community Association Lower
U13-U19 DCA L
S1DAL01 OPEN 2018/06/24

8:43 AM

If field status is O P E N, games will be played at the discretion of the Referee and depending on lightning conditions. Field Status will be updated by 4:00 pm weekdays and 9:00 am weekends. If there is no update by that time, the previous field status stands.

Canada Soccer Lightning and Severe Weather Policy

To check the status of the city fields, click HERE.

For the Rundle College and Edge Fields you need to show up at the field and the referee will decide whether the game will go ahead.

For the SAIT field, the rainout line phone number is 403.284.8027. Play is only canceled in the event of lighting and heavy snow fall.

For other clubs’ fields you will need to check their website for their field status.