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Field Status

Field Name Field ID Status Updated
Dalhousie Elementary School
U8 Dallyn NW
U10 East Dal
S1DAL17 OPEN 2017/09/28

3:12 PM

St. Dominic Elementary
S6DAL20 OPEN 2017/09/28

3:12 PM

Varsity Estates South
U14-U18 VES
C L O S E D 2017/09/28
3:12 PM
West Dalhousie Elementary School
U12 West Dal
S1DAL08 OPEN 2017/09/28

3:12 PM

Dalhousie Community Association Lower
U14-U18 DCA L
S1DAL01 OPEN 2017/09/28

3:12 PM

If field status is O P E N, games will be played at the discretion of the Referee and depending on lightning conditions. Field Status will be updated by 4:00 pm weekdays and 9:00 am weekends. If there is no update by that time, the previous field status stands.

Canada Soccer Lightning and Severe Weather Policy

CMSA Field Status - Phone numbers here are Official, not City link below

City of Calgary Field Status