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Northside Soccer is about providing a rewarding experience for all players who want to have fun, learn, and compete in our cities CMSA soccer program.

All U12 and older players are required to have a CMSA PhotoID card for games.

Players' Code

  • Play your best for yourself and your team at all times.
  • Keep the game fun for yourself, your teammates, and your opponents
  • Never ridicule fellow players, coaches, or opponents
  • Focus on improving your soccer skills
  • Learn form each other and help each other learn.
  • Be respectful of the coaches
  • Attend all practices and games, or let the coach know in advance that you will be unable to make a practice or game.
  • Let your coach or parents know if things are not going well for you on the team as soon as possible.

Players' Top Ten

Num. Top Ten Player Responsibilities Top Ten Player Rewards
10 Be a team player. Taking your mind off school.
9 Obey the rules. Getting your parents away from the internet.
8 Let the coach know if you are going to be late or miss a game or practice. Becoming a better soccer player than your parents.
7 Talk to your parents and coaches about what you like and what you don't like. Taking a break from homework.
6 Let coaches know if you are hurt or not feeling well. Fast food and slurpees after the game.
5 Practice what you learn. Getting better each time you play or practice.
4 Be enthusiastic and ready to go for your games and practices. Cool jerseys.
3 Have fun and make new friends. Making new friends.
2 Respect your team, players, coaches, referees, and opponents. Listening to your parents cheer you on.
1 Play fair and do your best. "Be proud of yourself and your team". Having fun doing something you can always be proud of.


Northside Player Code of Ethics

  1. Players will play by the rules of soccer and in the spirit of the game.
  2. Players will control their tempers and avoid aggressive play and unnecessary verbal remarks.
  3. Players will respect their opponents.
  4. Players will be team players and respect their teammates.
  5. Players will acknowledge good plays and performances by their teammates and opponents.
  6. Players will remember that coaches and officials are there to help them and will accept their decisions and show them respect.
  7. Players will remember that they play the game to learn skills, make friends and have fun as well as strive to play their best at all times.