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Parent involvement is critical to the success of our program. It is also a rewarding experience for parents who actively participate and support the program.

Parents' Code

  • Remember that children play organized sports for their enjoyment
  • Always be on Your best behavior
  • Applaud good plays by Your own team and the Visiting team
  • Show respect for Your teams Opponents
  • Never ridicule or scold a Child for making a mistake during Competition
  • Condemn the use of violence in all forms
  • Respect the officials decisions
  • Encourage Players to always play according to the rules of the competition

Parents' Top Ten

Num. Top Ten Parent Responsibilities Top Ten Parent Rewards
10 Read "Soccer a sideline guide for Parents" handed out at the start of each year. Taking your mind off work.
9 Stay up to date with what is going on with the program: registration dates, policies, parents code..... Getting your kids away from the internet.
8 Ensure your kids are ready, prepared and on time for all practices and games. If you drop your kids off, ensure they have a phone number to reach you if needed and make sure you pick them up on time. Getting outside
7 Communication: provide constructive feedback and great ideas for our program, coaches, volunteers, ....... Getting yourself away from the internet.
6 Let coaches know when your kids are hurt or not feeling well. Let the coach know if they are going to be late or miss a game or practice. Fast food and slurpees after the game.
5 Maintain a balanced perspective based on the level of soccer the kids are playing at be a role model for the kids. Watching your kids learn, improve, make friends, and have fun.
4 Be enthusiastic for all kids effort, hard work, and successes. Pride in helping make it a successful program for everyone.
3 Actively participate in the program, volunteer, coach, help out your team, join the fun. Making new friends.
2 Support your team, players, coaches, and referees. Spending time with your kid's and sharing their activities.
1 Support and enjoy the players accomplishments by taking a genuine interest in their season. "Be proud of them, it is harder and faster than it looks from the sideline". Having fun and being proud of your kid's accomplishments.

Calgary Northside / CMSA Spectator Code of Ethics

  1. Remember that children play organized sports for their own fun.
  2. Be on your best behavior.
  3. Applaud good plays by your own team AND visiting teams.
  4. Show respect for your teams opponents.
  5. NEVER ridicule or scold a child for making a mistake during the competition.
  6. Condemn the use of violence in all forms.
  7. Respect the officials' decisions.
  8. Encourage players to always play according to the rules.

Professional athletes are not always good role models for children, but the good sportsmanship and healthy lifestyle gained in our country's sports programs can make children good role models for each other, parents, and for future generations. But first, adults have to let them play and send them the right messages.