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Northside Soccer is run by volunteers, and therefore as a minimum, each family group is asked to support the soccer program by volunteering for one position each soccer season. If all parents participate, the soccer program will continue to operate smoothly and efficiently. Most of the volunteer positions require only a small time commitment. Coaching and team manager positions are the most important positions to be filled, and require about 2 to 3 hours per week. We especially need more women to help coach our girls' teams.

There are always a number of important and vacant committee positions to be filled for the upcoming season. A technical knowledge of soccer is not necessary for any of these positions.

Volunteer Requirements

Northside Volunteer Deposit of $125.00 is required for each family at time of registration.  Once your family has taken on a volunteer position, that is approved by the Club, the deposit will be refunded at the end of the season.  Only volunteer positions officially issued from the Club will qualify.   If you are paying by cheque, please make payable to Northside Soccer.  **Please note that to qualify for a volunteer refund, you must be approved and set up in a volunteer position.  If you are assigned one of the volunteer roles listed below, your deposit will be refunded at the end of the season.

  • Do not wait to be contacted for helping out, contact the coordinator for your volunteer position.
  • If you cannot meet your volunteer commitments, it is your responsibility to find a replacement for the times you are needed.

Please remember that Northside Soccer is run entirely by volunteers. Your contribution is needed to help keep our program running smoothly for everyone. The more people that actively contribute, the less time will be needed for volunteering and the better our program will be.

Volunteer Positions

All teams require volunteers who contribute at various levels to support the team activities, however only those volunteer positions outlined below will qualify for a volunteer deposit refund.  Duties such as field marshall, bench mom, running lines, putting up nets etc., do a not qualify for a volunteer credit but rather are part of being helpful to the general benefit of the team.

The following is a list of volunteer positions in Northside Soccer.  During each registration period, a specific list is available for that season (excluding positions already filled).

Roles Responsibilities
Club: Equipment Volunteer Pre-season and post- season help needed. This may be one of the following jobs: equipment sorting, collating, repairs and cleaning, distribution and/or other miscellaneous equipment duties. [1 person]
Club: Net Box Coordinator Checks to make sure all of the net boxes are still in position, that the locks can be opened and that each contains the necessary inventory of nets, corner flags, etc. [1 person per outdoor season]
Club: Registrar Sets up registration, processes registrations, acts as liaison with CMSA, works in conjunction with President and database administrator
Team: Assistant Coach Assistant to the coach of a Northside Soccer team. [maximum 2 per team]
Team: Coach Coach a NorthSide Soccer team. Please indicate your age group preference, as well as head coach or assistant coach. [1 per team]
Team: Manager Assist coach with team communication, organization and parent delegation. [1 per team]