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Still accepting registrations for outdoor 2017

Updated: March 22, 2017

Still Accepting Outdoor Registrations in All Age Groups. Click here to register. Girls U14 and Girls U18 will be wait-listed (for these age groups you can email

Please check out our registration page and the info below for more details.

Outdoor 2017 Info

Updated: Feb 9, 2017

The updated dates for the Outdoor 2017 season are listed below. The CMSA outdoor 2017 calendar is also now available here.

If you have any questions, contact

Outdoor 2017 Dates
Feb 13Online Outdoor registration opens
Feb 25-Mar 2Indoor 2016-17 Futsal Finals
Mar 4-5 Indoor 2016-17 City Finals
Mar 11-12Indoor 2016-17 Inter-Cities
Mar 13In-Person registration at Varsity Community Centre (7-9 pm)
Mar 14Registration received after Mar 13th are subject to a late fee
and will be placed on a wait list. Players will be accepted into
the program if space is available in their age group.
Mar 17-19Indoor 2016-17 Provincials
Mar 26-Apr 1School Spring Break (Public and Separate)
Apr 3-8Outdoor season evaluations
Apr 8-9CMSA photo IDs available at Calgary West soccer centre
Apr 18Team officials meeting
Apr 19Schedules available on CMSA website
Apr 22Season commences
May 27U8 Minifest
Jun 24U8 season ends
Jun 29U10, U12 and U14 Tier 6 season ends
Jul 12U12 - U18 Tier 4 and 5 season ends
Aug 2U12 Tiers 1-3 and U14 - U18 Tiers 2 and 3 season ends
Aug 11U14 - U18 Tier 1 season ends
Fall Season (optional)
Jul 28Team entry
Aug 25Schedules available on CMSA website
Sep 5Fall season commences
Sep 30-Oct 1Fall Cup finals

Outdoor 2017 Age Groups
Age Group Birth Year

2017 Outdoor Evaluation Schedule

Updated: Mar 24, 2017, 6:30pm

The player evaluation schedule for CNS registered participants is now available. Parents need to check this website regularly in the event of a change or addition to the date, time, or location of sessions.

Players are to arrive at the designated field 30 minutes prior to the start in order to register and warm-up. Appropriate soccer apparel is required and no hazardous items (watches, earings, jewellery, etc) will be allowed on the field. Please come prepared to play with shin guards (covered with socks), water bottle, and proper indoor soccer shoes / running shoes. Although the season is outdoor, these evaluations are held indoors and outdoor cleats are not permitted on the turf.

All initial evaluations are being held indoors at:
CWSC Calgary West Soccer Center
11014 Bearspaw Dam Road NW.

Events will be crossed out after they have been completed.

Outdoor Season 2017 Soccer Evaluation Schedule
Div Date Time Location/Session
BU10Mon, Apr 36:00pm-7:30pmCWSC 1 & 3
BU10Wed, Apr 56:00pm-7:30pmCWSC 1 & 3
BU12Tue, Apr 46:00pm-7:30pmCWSC 1 & 3
BU12Fri, Apr 76:00pm-7:30pmCWSC 1 & 3
BU14Wed, Apr 57:30pm-9:00pmCWSC 1 & 3
BU14Fri, Apr 77:30pm-9:00pmCWSC 1 & 3
BU16Tue, Apr 47:30pm-9:00pmCWSC 1 & 3
BU16Thu, Apr 67:30pm-9:00pmCWSC 1 & 3
BU18Sat, Apr 81:00pm-2:30pmCWSC 1 & 3
GU10Sat, Apr 810:00am-11:30amCWSC 1
GU12Sat, Apr 810:00am-11:30amCWSC 3
GU14Sat, Apr 82:30pm-4:00pmCWSC 1
GU16Mon, Apr 37:30pm-9:00pmCWSC 1 & 3
GU16Thu, Apr 66:00pm-7:30pmCWSC 1 & 3
GU18Sat, Apr 811:30am-1:00pmCWSC 1 & 3
GKSat, Apr 82:30pm-4:00pmCWSC 3
GK is for Full-Time Keepers only U14 to U18
1. For U8 there are No Evaluations.
2. Parents/supports are encouraged to watch but please refrain from cheering or coaching players.

2016-17 Indoor Soccer

Updated: Mar 9, 2017

City Finals
CNS BU10 Fusion

Full Size Photo
The CNS BU10 Fusion win bronze at the City Finals.
CNS BU12 Force

Full Size Photo
The CNS BU12 Force Tier 4 won bronze at the Family Day tournament. Hard fought and won fair!!
CNS BU16 Spartans

Full Size Photo
The CNS Spartans BU16 won gold at the Family Day tournament. The CNS Spartans won 3 games and tied against the MUSC team who ended up second as they failed to beat the Foothills team.

CNS GU16 Fiore

Full Size Photo
The CNS Fiore GU16 girls won gold at the SUSC 2017 Indoor 8vs8 Tournament during the Family Day weekend in Saskatoon, SK. They went undefeated going into the final match competing against the SUSC home team with the game going into two 5 minute overtime halves winning 2-1. Congratulations CNS Fiore for a well-deserved win!