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With regards to the COVID-19 pandemic, Calgary Northside Soccer will follow the guidelines set out by the governing bodies of soccer.  City of Calgary has banned all public events until August 31.   Refunds will be issued and CNS would like to Thank You in advance for your patience as we work through processing the refunds.

Good morning Club Presidents, Technical Directors and Administration,

First, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to take part in the President’s Meeting with City Councillor, George Chahal.

These are unprecedented times and Calgary Minor Soccer Association (CMSA) wishes to commend you for your efforts to transition your programs into online sessions and for delivering services for the soccer community to stay engaged in a safe environment. We are all anxious to get back on the field and playing soccer again, but the safety of our players and soccer community is of the utmost importance and CMSA has chosen to continue the suspension of the 2020 Outdoor Soccer Season, indefinitely.

The response comes after taking into consideration:

  • Safety of the players and soccer community;
  • City of Calgary’s decision to ban all public events until Aug. 31;
  • Conversations with Alberta Soccer Association;
  • Government of Alberta’s Relaunch Strategy;
  • President’s Meeting with City Councilor, George Chahal.

The suspension includes, but is not limited to, any in-person soccer activity (games, practices, academies, sports sciences, fitness, etc.) until further notice.

CMSA will be sending out this information to our membership today and we expect that it will trigger a response from parents seeking refunds. In efforts to prepare the Member Clubs for an influx of questions regarding refunds and information about the season, CMSA has had conversations with clubs leading up to this communication. When discussing refunds with parents, we want to encourage each club to be respectful to the current economic landscape and each family’s needs during this time.

Being one of Calgary’s largest youth sports organizations, the absence of soccer will be felt across the city and is sure to garner media attention. If a Member Club is approached by the media, CMSA would like to extend the services of our Communications and Marketing Manager, Kara Spady, should anyone want to discuss key messages or feel uncomfortable talking to the media.

As we head into the summer months there will be a void where soccer should be. The crisis’ Calgary are currently facing, and the feeling of uncertainty associated with this is not lost on any of us. It is our collective duty to ensure soccer remains a viable sport and create movements for athletes to not only “play” again but to also help players stay engaged in the sport of soccer during this time.

For your convenience, we have attached a document that includes three key messages that may be used at your disposal that are important for your membership to know. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact CMSA Executive Director, Susan Cress or visit for more information on CMSA’s response to COVID-19.

Thank you,  CMSA

With regards to the COVID-19 pandemic, Calgary Northside Soccer will follow the guidelines set out by the governing bodies of soccer.

Good afternoon parents and players,

Hope you well. With Alberta's relaunch strategy, some outdoor recreation activities will be opening as early as May 14th. The governing bodies of soccer have a meeting with the City of Calgary tomorrow, May 5th.

CNS/PASS will be receiving a status update by the end of this week. Once this information has been relayed, the club will send an email and/or post on the website whether the season will be postponed or cancelled.

Stay safe and healthy, CNS / PASS Administration