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The list of contacts below is private and restricted for the use of Calgary Northside Soccer related activities.

Main Contacts

All General Inquiries and Feedback

Registration Inquiries

CNS Soccer Manager

Committee Members

President, Jason Yeast

Vice-President, Tyrone Irons

Registrar, Persica Jear

Registrar Assistant, Tracy Heim

Treasurer, Persica Jear

Secretary, Persica Jear

Technical Director, Scott Irons

Team Managers Rep., Tracy Heim

Equipment Coordinator U6, U8, U10, U12, Jessica de Velazquez

Evaluations Coordinator, Jason Yeast

Soccer Manager Admin and CMSA Goalline Admin
Tracy Heim, Persica Jear, Glen Minato

Fields Coordinator, Karen England

U8 Practice Scheduler, Karen England

U10 Practice Scheduler, Osman Alp

U12 Practice Scheduler, Jason Abdi

U14 Practice Scheduler, Karen England

U16-18 Practice Scheduler, Eva Hassel

Fields Maintenance, Russ Poon

Field Net Boxes, Patrick Rambold

First Aid Coordinator, Chelsey Schrauwen

Merchandise, David Chiu

Uniforms, Charlene Brust

Webmaster, Glen Minato

Committee Member Vacant Positions

Parents Rep.

Coaches Rep.

Newsletter Editor

Equipment Coordinator U14, U16, U18

Photo Coordinator

Special Events

Volunteer Coordinator

Age Group Coordinators

U18 Boys, Kathy Hodge

U18 Girls, Lorraine Silas

U16 Boys, Ida Poshtchaman

U16 Girls, Benita Kehrig

U14 Boys, Lisa Strosher

U14 Girls, VACANT

U12 Boys, Tammy Walker

U12 Girls, VACANT

U10 Boys, Natalie Beaudry

U10 Girls, VACANT

U8, Pearl Irons

U6, Pearl Irons

Board of Directors

Tyrone Irons

Melonie Michaud

Gerry Mumford

Evan Strong

Lisa Strosher